Pool builder Atlanta – We will transform your backyard within our 10-step construction process to convert your backyard from its current condition to the backyard of your dreams.

– Excavation
– Plumbing
– Steel Construction
– Gunite
Tile & Coping
– Deck Setup
– Utilities
Deck Installation
– Plaster / Marcite Interior
– Start-up / Pool School

Excavation – The first step in constructing you new pool. Paint the outline of the pool, build wooden forms for the excavation crew, remove the dirt and construct the pool.

Plumbing – Your pool is ready to be plumbed with high grade NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved “Schedule 40″ PVC pipe, fittings, and equipment.

Steel Construction – Next, our steel crew arrives with rebar to form the rigid skeleton of the pool. Block spacers under the steel to hold the steel above the soil. This makes for the strongest possible shell for your pool.

Gunite – Now comes the unique process of “shooting the Gunite” to form the hard concrete shell of your pool.

Tile and Coping – The next step in the construction process is the installation of a six inch wide band of acid-proof, double-fired pool tile. If you have chosen to add picturesque rocks, a rock waterfall or other natural rock features, those features will be added at this time as well.

Deck Setup – Now that the Gunite is complete, it’s time to form the framework for your deck.

Utilities – Electrical and Gas Lines / Propane Tank (Optional)

Deck Installation – In this step, our decking crew will prepare for whichever type of deck you have chosen.

Plaster / Marcite (Interior surfaces) – The final step. In one day, a mixture of crushed marble and cement will be hand toweled over the surface of your Gunite pool to produce a smooth finish.

Pool School – Proper chemical balance is very important for proper maintenance of your pool, so we will schedule a “Pool School” orientation for you and anyone else who wants to know how to operate the pool.

Pool Builder Atlanta - Our Process


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