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Not sure what's going on with your pool water?

We can help with pool chemical maintenance tips. By knowing the cause, results, and treatment of common problems, you can maintain healthy water all year long, often just with the use of some simple pool chemicals. Some common problems you should look out for include:
  • Cloudy water that is hazy or murky in appearance. This can be caused by poor filtration, inadequate circulation, water balance, low sanitizer levels, and the lack of routine oxidation.
  • Foam, which is caused by high levels of algaecide.
  • Green algae that floats in the water or clings to the walls. The severity of algae can vary greatly, but regardless it can clog filters and create surface damage if untreated.
  • Pink slime that develops in remote places, such as underneath ladder treads and around return fittings. It is often categorized as algae, but is actually a bacterial growth.
  • Scale, which is caused by high calcium hardness.
  • Black algae that can form in small cracks, especially plaster finishes. It is known for skeletal growths that make it impervious to normal chlorine levels.
  • Stained or discolored pool equipment which is caused by contamination, sunlight and metals in pool water.
  • Mustard (yellow) algae that looks like dirt or sand on the bottom and sides of a pool. It is a chlorine-resistant form of green algae, and while it can be brushed away easily, it returns quickly.
  • A high level of contaminants, which can cause increased chlorine demand.
Pool chemicals and other treatments from BioGuard can resolve all of these water issues. For help maintaining the health of your water, contact Crystal Clear Pools and Spas today.


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